Shopify Customer Login History App

Shopify Customer Login History

In the bustling world of e-commerce, every interaction with a customer counts. Yet, in the native landscape of Shopify, discerning the last login date of a specific customer remains an elusive feat. Until now. Enter our revolutionary solution: ‘Tickr‘ the Shopify Customer Login History App. Unveiling a trove of invaluable insights, this app empowers merchants to engage customers strategically, rekindle relationships, and drive conversions like never before.

Understanding the Need for Shopify Customer Login History App

In the labyrinth of online commerce, understanding customer behavior is paramount. Picture this: a customer who hasn’t logged in for a while, drifting away into the vast expanse of the internet. With our app, this scenario transforms into an opportunity. Armed with real-time data on customer login history, merchants can craft targeted strategies to reignite interest and loyalty.

Features at a Glance

1. Seamless Customer Insights

Gain access to a comprehensive list of customers and their respective last login dates effortlessly. With just a glance, discern patterns, identify trends, and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Direct Email Integration

Forge meaningful connections with customers through personalized emails directly from the app interface. Whether it’s a gentle nudge or a heartfelt message, re-engage dormant customers with enticing offers or simply let them know they’re missed.

3. Effortless Data Export

Simplify your marketing endeavors with the option to export customer data, including last login dates, into convenient .csv files. Seamlessly integrate this data into your preferred email marketing tools, streamlining your outreach efforts.

4. Strategic Discount Generation

Unlock the power of targeted promotions with our bulk discount generation feature. Identify customers who have logged in within specific time frames and generate exclusive discount codes tailored to their browsing habits.

5. Streamlined Email Campaigns

Efficiently manage your outreach efforts with bulk email functionality. Select specific date ranges to pinpoint active customer segments, and launch targeted campaigns with ease, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.


In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, every interaction presents an opportunity to cultivate meaningful connections and drive business growth. With our Shopify Customer Login History App, merchants gain unparalleled insights into customer behavior, enabling them to craft targeted strategies, foster loyalty, and unlock the full potential of their Shopify store. Embrace the future of customer engagement — embrace our app today.

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